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Server Information

SuccessRO is a low rate server.

Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
Mechanics: Pre-renewal
Base Exp : 8x
Job Exp : 8x
Item/Equips Rates: 5x
Normal Card:0.30%
MVP Card: 1x
Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Insta-cast: 150 Dex
Guild Capacity: 36

Intense WoE

Server Features:
Pre-renewal mechanics
Stylist 81- hairstyles, 126 -Hair colour, 699 - cloth colour
Improved Account Security Features
Achievement System
Chronicle Quests
Custom Instance & Storyline Quests
Rental Equips System

SuccessRO Custom NPCs:
Job Change
Stats & Skill Reset
Universal items at all tool dealers
Town Warpers warp to Prontera for free
PvP Warper/Rankings

@ Player Commands:
rates, refresh, autotrade, me, showpartybuff, jtws, iteminfo, help, noask, memo, auction, whosell, noks, time, uptime, channel, showexp, circle, whobuy, whereis, whodrops, whogm, showzeny, hominfo, jailtime, noattack, request, arealoot, resetchar, voteredeem, cashredeem, navigation, settings, removemount, removecostume, claimrewards, achievements, showachievements, pvprank
lgp: Lite Graphics Support, circle: on/off, square: on/off, shake: on/off, aoes: on/off

Date Modified : 11-15-16