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  3. oke. im trying this.. thx for ur help
  4. try this,,,download data grf 1st then abstract small client to data grf (i'm try this and work ) Data GRF : Lite client :
  5. im trying to download Full Client from mediafire but get error... can u check it for me?? thx
  6. Last week
  7. Hey Buddy, please learn to read this requirement before apply : Eligible members must be Max Base Level Trans or Extended Class. (no novice, no 1st job, no 2nd job, no super novice, no baby class) You can't apply for guild pack yet. Your guildies full of non trans job. Get your guildies to trans job 1st. And make sure no dual login for 10 active members.
  8. Sorry for what i made..coz im a android users can not easy to send pict
  9. This is it GM?
  11. Hey @Nosrej , Stop barking and capslocking every where. Post your guild activities like other guild above, Show your guildies (Must all trans) and fulfil other requirement instead of saying "Wheres my Gpack". Read the post 1st please.
  12. we are the same problem. I already download again the full client .. is there anything that we can do GM ?
  14. Hello? IGN? Don't worry. There is a lot of PH player here as well. Enjoy !
  15. Oh i saw you several time in prontera. Welcome Ayden!
  16. Welcome sir.....
  17. Name: Chris Mostly commonly known as IGN: Ayden When did you start playing Ragnarok: During the north American beta. It's been awhile. Which class is your favorite: Whitesmith Which class are you planning to main on Success-RO: Whitesmith Best Memory you had in Ragnarok: I don't really have a favorite one. Too many good times to recount and I plan to have plenty more. Etc: I'm secretly a poring in the guise of a human and I'm here to take back my jellopy. Pori~
  18. Grats
  19. GZ
  20. *_* gratz
  21. That time woe suddenly change time many player not on9 or just offline after play KOE.... other guild also not prepared yet i'm very sure next woe will more guild and player join...
  22. Earlier
  23. A very lucky guy... 100m
  24. thanks for information, ENEMY. It's to much people, ham? @Fabloureiro, it's down.
  25. i do not know, in zg we were like 10~~12 first 30min and after that like 8 in genocide i dont know
  26. Did someone record the WOE? How many players have played it in last WOE? Is the server down? Someone?
  27. Offers pm
  28. How come its 8 to 9 server time? KoE 45minute duration and it ends on 8:15 server time. Adjust WoE time to (9 - 10) server time for a chance to get some rest and stuffs.
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