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  3. Any decision on this yet?
  4. Last week
  5. Wahahah really? That was the reason. LOL
  6. That's great news. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks
  8. My usual connection speed would be at 8Mbps download and 2-3Mbps upload with a ping of 32ms. I hope that's enough. I'll start playing again then
  9. The lag has gone down a lot. Infact if u have good connection u should not be lagging.
  10. I don't think this is the right place to sell stuff? @GM Taker
  11. Number of fingers when a girl slaps you hard
  12. This was one of my first posts here. I remember the good days back then. I stopped playing due to some personal matters. And now I'm back and I wanna play again. But I'm not sure if there is still this lag issue for SEA players. Hello GM Taker, nice to meet you
  13. Hi everyone~ Last time I played which was around the time when the server started, SEA players had a hard time playing due to heavy lag which I believe is caused by our distance from the host. I wanted to ask if this is still the case? Thanks for your answers
  14. yo 2.5k ~ 3k sharp leaf, aloe leaflet 700z - 1k , stem around 200 - 300z ea
  15. Hey guys. I just started today and have been leveling my hunter at Les. Just wanted a quick price check to see if I should use or sell my items. Thanks in advance.
  16. Let's wait for @SuccessAdmin for final decision :-) Stay tuned!
  17. I agree with what Wiz Kid has posted.Our guild has participated in every WoE since the formation of our guild.If the other guild members doesnt participate on WoE then we should not be punished for it.
  18. Hello @Wiz Kid ! We are currently discussing about this thread. Thank you for telling us your concern!
  19. Hi GM's and Admins, I would like to share my comments and concerns regarding the Golden WoE rewards event. First, thank you for giving us extra motivation for joining WoE. Me and my guildmates recognize the efforts you are doing to attract more players and get them interested in joining WoE which I think would draw more interest in the server and ultimately help our community grow. Kudos to the SuccessRO team in thinking of ways and implementing more events for the players. However, my guildmates and I were disappointed when we found out from our Guild Leader that there would be no rewards for our guild when we won Last Saturday's WoE (April 22, 2017 - Prontera Agit), the reason given to us was that no real battle took place. For the people who did not participate in WoE during this time: Long story short; we came in, no one was defending, we defended the emp room and broke the emp last minute; a few people tried to come in but could not get through the defense we mounted. I think this is unfair to me and my guildmates since we made the effort in participating the whole hour long of WoE in anticipation of this reward and in the end got nothing. I myself, playing as a wizard, even used a lot of blue potions to keep my SP topped up the whole time. I say if that was the reasoning behind it, then it should have been announced beforehand. After all, we cannot control whether the other guilds participate or not, and to be honest, don't you think we should be rewarded since we are actively participating in WoE in the first place? We hope you reconsider your decision on this.
  20. Yup yup and some of our guildies are away can they collect when they come online tom?
  21. Hi GM, How do we get the prize for Golden Woe?
  22. Earlier
  23. Hello Everyone! Who doesn't want an extra reward for the winner of this coming weekend War of Emperium? (Saturday and Sunday)! I would like to announce that the winning Guild this coming Saturday WoE(Kriemhild) Agit, and Sunday WoE(Aldebaran)Agit guild winner will receive the following: Guild Leader: 2x Valkyrie's Token ( New Item, see the use of this item below. ) 8x Event Coin 3x Enriched Elunium 3x Enriched Oridecon 1x HE Bubblegum (200% Increased Droprate for 15minutes duration) 2x Bubblegum (100% Increased Droprate for 30minutes duration) Guild Members: 1x Valkyrie's Token ( New Item, see the use of this item below. ) 5x Event Coin 1x HE Bubblegum (200% Increased Droprate for 15minutes duration) 2x Bubblegum (100% Increased Droprate for 30minutes duration) Valkyrie's Token can be exchanged ONLY on our server Staffs (GMs/Admin) 5x Valkyrie's Token = 1x Proof of Donation. Yes, you heard it right. Another way to earn Proof of Donation! So what are we waiting? Get the clash on and win this exciting prizes for our War of Emperium! Note: We will do a filtering for multi clients that might try to abuse the reward for prize giving to the WoE castle winner. If you are found to be abusing the reward by trying to get 2 or more clients for the rewarding, You will receive a punishment from soft to over punishment. Punishments will be: 1st time offense: 300 Minutes Chat Block on all chars. 2nd time offense: 3 days ban on all accounts in IP. 3rd time offense: Permanent ban to our server. ~ You don't have to be afraid on the punishment said. Ofcourse, You won't bother try tricking our Staff and get multi reward for the Golden WoE Event :-) Edit: Wednesday War of Emperium will also have the rewards that is said above.
  24. nice
  25. nyahahaha, im look nice in middle
  26. Cool guild bro
  27. awesome..we look badass
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