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  3. Name of the GM : GM Taker Eventfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: Fun events.. specially the disguise and find ms taker.. Helpfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: When I ask him questions he always responds Friendliness(1-10) : 10 Reason: very nice gm .. Availability(1-10) : 9 Reason: He not always on... but I know he needs rest too and his personal life Suggestion(s) for the GM: Keep up the good work! and mooooreeee events!!! Your IGN: Izumi Other Comments: Hello...
  4. Name of the GM : I have to pre-annouce You the MasterOfSuccesssEvents&Fun, man of his word, a giant above all Lunatics, a human beside the courtin of Porings, a simple Gm, GM Taker! Eventfulness(1-10) : Hard! 9 Reason: After we lost lot of players because of many reasons GM Taker "put this shit together" and make a great job as a EventMaster what give us now more active people and more fun than only standard ragnaroking ;D (10 can be only theGoddess of sex&smart) Helpfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: Each time i see him in-game i can count on him. Friendliness(1-10) : 10 Reason: There is no limits so far for this GM Taker - he is almost so friendly as my Labrador. Availability(1-10) : 10 Reason: You can see him more more often than other GM's - i'm sure all of us have some important things to do but he still spend alot of time to entertain us. Suggestion(s) for the GM: Keep it up, dont loose your enthusiasm.
  5. Name of the GM : GM Taker Eventfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: He has a lot of cool events, and he is also consistent in giving it. Like that 4v4 Mini PVP Event. Coolest event so far. Helpfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: He helps the game to be alive again. Friendliness(1-10) : 10 Reason: He talks to everyone and getting suggestions. Availability(1-10) : 9 Reason: Not because he's not always there. But the thing is the TimeZone. We have different TimeZone. Suggestion(s) for the GM: Maybe you guys can add more GM/Admins/Helper that can assist different TimeZones. Your IGN: Pepot Other Comments: Just continue what you are doing and hoping that more people will come and play this cool server.
  6. Name of the GM : GM Taker Eventfulness(1-10) :10 Reason: Always upf or an event the second he says hello, Although EC prices are dropping so need other rewards Helpfulness(1-10) : 6 Reason: He is new and requires more permissions for things that actually help players (i'm being honest) Friendliness(1-10) : 8 Reason: Very professional, gets mad at people using caps (my caps is always on else macros come into play) Availability(1-10) : 7 Reason: The time he logs in is usually when people sleep and events tend to be dragged out however he does make them come together. Appreciate his hard work. Suggestion(s) for the GM: Your IGN: Massacre Other Comments: Need more people on, use social media to boost please / remove POD from bg, AFK with 8 clients gets u 100 mil a day (24 hours) / need BG to be time based and not 24/7 (maintain the market plz, we all remember the man who tried to sell orleans for 120 mil [rofl]) ANYWAY GJ GM TAKER ( SRY FOR CAPS )
  7. Copy the format and comment below with the question asked. ===================================== Name of the GM : Eventfulness(1-10) : Reason: Helpfulness(1-10) : Reason: Friendliness(1-10) : Reason: Availability(1-10) : Reason: Suggestion(s) for the GM: Your IGN: Other Comments: =====================================
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  9. Welcome @rominmusa , if you want to make an account to play ingame, register in this link instead
  10. Big thanks for this. This will be interesting to our community
  11. Hello community, Just thought id share a place where you and your friends can enjoy Ragnarok the Animation. This series consists of 26 episodes, all in English with no subtitles thanks to FUNimation Entertainment. It was first produced in 2004 and is still a must watch for any Ragnarok fan! Hope you enjoy <3 Synopsis A great evil is sweeping over the realm; an evil that the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face head on! For these two travel toward their destiny, from the highest towers to the depths of the underworld, through forest and desert alike. With an ever-growing cast of fellow heroes, fate will grasp these travelers by their very souls and propel the band of skilled adventurers towards a noble end. Or ignoble, if they don't watch their step! Monsters are afoot and the way rife with danger and magic, the path forward may be unclear... But where will is strong, there is a way! Lessons wait in the depths of darkness, and good must prevail. The journey starts now!
  12. I can agree with 1st speaker. This server is one of the best among all low-rates. I'm hoping that we will have more people on WoE that is all i need. Admins/Gm's gj and keep it up!
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  17. IGN of the seller: Sy Devore (GOD) Item that the seller is selling: PHOTO ATTACHED BELOW How much zeny the seller is willing to sell the item for: BEST OFFER WINSIs the price negotiable?: BEST OFFER WINS Method of contact (forums/PM in-game): ONLY HERE IN FORUM
  18. hi im a new player. registered while ago but can't start play still because don't know hoe to get id
  19. i just downloaded the client and registered . how to get the id (i tried username not working says disconnected from server). i didn't played the original game so don't know much about this game
  20. This ones for u Sy, u owe me 10m!!
  21. I Guess its time. Guild Name : A k a t s u k i
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  23. price? zeny/POD
  24. thanks fot your offer but it is much more that i wanted to pay for those. Anyway hf&gl
  25. 30m sir
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