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  2. We often are afraid of performing things. What are the possible way to overcome fears and gain success in life?
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  6. It has been three days in a row that the client crashes everytime i try to log on. i see 3, 4 sometimes 5 people online, i can log on, i reach my character, i click, the bar reaches 100% and "SuccessRo.exe has stopped working" A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available [close program] Is the server down? is it patching? is it dead? i havent changed anything, i havent played with any settings.. ive been playing on a gaming laptop since the beginning, no android or anything. any solution? thank you very much -KingKong "Big Beef"
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  13. It says "Checking client for updates" then it says "Processing update files [1/19] 4jan17.thor" then crashes. Has anyone gotten AndRO to work for them?
  14. The download completed. I opened the app. I did the 2GB download. When I tap "Start Game" the app crashes. Happens on my Galaxy S8+ and my LG Tablet. Advice?
  15. so i have to like wait for someone from success to go online then @request like how i get the reward ... :)) I actually have the complete quest items for sleipnir right now ;))
  16. We do not provide any npc for the quest item yet. You can make it through processing to our Success Staffs by having all the requirements. We have to confirm that the player is 150/70 for doing the quest or it wont be accepted. We will try to make NPC for this quest soon.
  17. Where's the npc for the god items quest ??
  18. I am almost online every night. Will give you right away your prize or PM me here on forum for your costume headgear sprite and aura color so that I can just send it to you via mailbox ingame. :-)
  19. I also tried on my LG Tablet. No avail. It flashes "1/19....something" then dies
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