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  1. i don't really know whats wrong there,.. as our server files are well, and i am using the same. i never had those issues. you can try changing the settings in the setup.exe also you can delete the success.dat file in your folder once and run the patcher. may be that could help.
  2. its because of your anti-virus or else firewall something is blocking it. some other player reported the same. but his problem was solved after he reinstalled his Operating System, but this is your self decision and choice.
  3. its because of your anti-virus or else Firewall. something is blocking it.
  4. Hello Success-RO Folks Its time to Like and Share the FB on the link below and get Reward. This will help our Community grow. Try to invite all your friends. Reward is 2x Battle Manuals.
  5. This is really sad,.. how do you even believe someone like that? this has really hammer the server name badly, and we have lost so much many players. you have apologize that's one thing, but the damage that your post on RMS and in-game insecurity has really affected the server a lot. you should have really confirm things, you guys should know that, a Admin will never do such things, ragnarok is such an old game. and all scams are now easily known. this has really affected the server. each day and whatever time i get i try to invest in making the server good for you guys. what you see is me online or offline. but behind the scene i am always there, trying to script new things for server. if you really see, there has been always some or the other new things added to server.. every server has a good and a bad time. i am still there always to help the server grow.. if you guys got scammed or thought its a me as SuccessAdmin doing this,.. you would have at least pm me once in-game or on forum to confirm ? ? there are so many things to know is the gm real or not, just chatting in alt+c chat pub. you guys thought its me ? Didn't you guys confirm that he is real gm or not ? this is really disappointing. all you could do now is, please talk to all your friends those who were playing here and call them back. please..
  6. WoE will start on from Saturday 8 to 9 Server time. Prontera - Kriem Castle.
  7. hey GM, i Had Sagittarius crown that didnt give me effect at all. Please Fix it and reply my message. If u erase the zodiac headgear, u should give us ( player that had exchange the coin) compensation, or trade back the headgear into coin. thx ^^

    1. SuccessAdmin


      Pm me in game 

  8. I am sorry that I have to leave so suddenly. My schedule's been keeping me incredibly busy, so much so that I'm afraid I might not be able to moderate the server as much as I had hoped. My job requires me to move to North Carolina, which is also the reason why I am moving there as well, but I am unsure just how busy I'll be. I'll be working in a studio, instead of my home, so I don't think I'll be online as much as I had hoped.


    If I happen to have more time in the future I would love to help out, even if it's as a normal player. I am sorry I have to burden you with my sudden retirement.

  9. hey, zodiac helmet from event coin exchange didnt give the bonus stat... why?

  10. I think you are missing some files in your Client Folder.
  11. Moonlight card is just for movement speed. Whereas increase agility skill gives you +12
  12. yes i will add those very soon :-)
  13. We are glad to know Shamuk, i am sure you will have a good time here. and yes the community is very nice. we will be advertising more.
  14. welcome to success ragnarok online. enjoy the game all the best :-)