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  1. ROBrowser is now up :-
  2. ROBrowser is now up :-
  3. Give it a 4 to 5 hours of time from that once i am back ..i can check the issue and solve it quickly
  4. I am on it, i will check, why its not working for some players and let you know.
  5. give me sometime i will check why its not working for some people .
  6. shift+ctrl+del and clear all cache and browsing history. after which close your browser and start again. it shall work. there is nothing we did then just changing ip. it should really work. for me its working..
  7. Good work :-)
  8. There will be Server maintenance at 'server-time' - 1.00 All the details about the update will be posted soon.
  9. Welcome to Success Ragnarok Online.
  10. bg acid bottle and grenade

    We will see what we can do about it
  11. just make folder "data" inside your RO folder if it already exists then just enter the folder and create a txt file and name it as "viewpointtable" let it be blank. that start your client it shall work. if you are still not able to fix it let me know.
  12. i don't really know whats wrong there,.. as our server files are well, and i am using the same. i never had those issues. you can try changing the settings in the setup.exe also you can delete the success.dat file in your folder once and run the patcher. may be that could help.
  13. its because of your anti-virus or else firewall something is blocking it. some other player reported the same. but his problem was solved after he reinstalled his Operating System, but this is your self decision and choice.
  14. its because of your anti-virus or else Firewall. something is blocking it.
  15. Hello Success-RO Folks Its time to Like and Share the FB on the link below and get Reward. This will help our Community grow. Try to invite all your friends. Reward is 2x Battle Manuals.