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  1. WoE will start on from Saturday 8 to 9 Server time. Prontera - Kriem Castle.
  2. hey GM, i Had Sagittarius crown that didnt give me effect at all. Please Fix it and reply my message. If u erase the zodiac headgear, u should give us ( player that had exchange the coin) compensation, or trade back the headgear into coin. thx ^^

  3. I am sorry that I have to leave so suddenly. My schedule's been keeping me incredibly busy, so much so that I'm afraid I might not be able to moderate the server as much as I had hoped. My job requires me to move to North Carolina, which is also the reason why I am moving there as well, but I am unsure just how busy I'll be. I'll be working in a studio, instead of my home, so I don't think I'll be online as much as I had hoped.


    If I happen to have more time in the future I would love to help out, even if it's as a normal player. I am sorry I have to burden you with my sudden retirement.

  4. hey, zodiac helmet from event coin exchange didnt give the bonus stat... why?

  5. I think you are missing some files in your Client Folder.
  6. Moonlight card is just for movement speed. Whereas increase agility skill gives you +12
  7. yes i will add those very soon :-)
  8. We are glad to know Shamuk, i am sure you will have a good time here. and yes the community is very nice. we will be advertising more.
  9. welcome to success ragnarok online. enjoy the game all the best :-)
  10. Full Client :- Android Client :- Android Client Alternative link for Download :- No Need to Download client Play from Browser Firefox/Chrome :-
  11. help me to reduce the lag, im from indonesia. Im had follow the fhors instruction, but its only gave 500mb free. 

    1. SuccessAdmin



      Which client are you using? 

      If pc?  then there is a guide for vpn

      That shall help. Its really easy to install 

    2. aces15


      yess im using PC, where is the guide? vyprvpn? :)

  12. Please check my profile on forum. I can't post any message. Also can't PM anyone. Its been a week.

    1. SuccessAdmin


      ok i will check

    2. fikryrednc


      Any update about my forum account?

  13. Nice :-) Welcome to Success Ragnarok Online !!! I am sure you will have a nice time :-) cya in-game.
  14. Sure you will find it :-) Welcome to SuccessRO. Cya-ingame. Have fun :-)