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  1. Hello citizens of Success Ragnarok Online !! Prepare your armors and weapons for this weekend we will be having our first party rumble ! Date of event: February 4, 2017 (Saturday) Time of event: 9:00 PM (GMT+8 - Philippines Time) Eligibility: All Success Ragnarok Online Players. Mechanics: 1. A party must consist of five (5) players, one (1) team leader and four (4) members. 2. There should be no class repetition in each party. 3. A minimum of level 90, may it be a second class or transcendent class is required to qualify in the event. 4. Outside buffs are prohibited. 5. Late comers are not entertained. Be there on time. If a member of a party is not present, they may still continue to join the event. No substitution of member is allowed. 6. The party name should only be a three-letter name. 7. No in-game registration. Registration shall be done here in the forums. Just reply to this thread with the ff. format: Party Name: Party Leader: Party Members: 8. Once registered, change of members and party name is not allowed. Conditions: 1. The event style is a last-party standing. The last party or member of a party to survive will be considered winner. 2. There will be no time limit. (May change accordingly) 3. Disconnected players will not be re-warped in the event map. 4. A minimum of four (4) parties are required to start the event. 5. The event is a race-to-three, first party to acquire the points will be considered winners. REGISTRATION FEE: 5 MILLION ZENY FOR EACH PARTY. (It will be collected by the event coordinator) Registration fee will be collected 5 minutes before the event starts. REWARDS: WINNER: (Each party member) 10x Elite Siege Supply Box 5x Bubble Gum 10x Event Coin 2 Million Zeny PARTICIPATION REWARDS: (Each party member) 3x Elite Siege Supply Box 1x Bubble Gum 5x Event Coin So what are you waiting for!? Gather your friends and mates and join the rumble! Be the first party to conquer Success Ragnarok Online!
  2. Congratulations to the three of you ! You got it all correct ! Please wait for your rewards!
  3. Those are random NPC's. It may have or not. You do not have to do the quests, just find who these NPC's are, get a photo with 'em, then that's it.
  4. Hello there Success RO players! Are you the type who do quests and talk to NPCs alot? Or you just love roaming around towns and cities discovering the unknown? Here's your chance to show them! You just have to be a traveler for a day and find out who these amazing citizens of Midgard are! ELIGIBILITY: All Success Ragnarok Online players. MECHANICS: 1. You must have a screenshot with you character beside the NPC. 2. The cursor must be pointed to the NPC revealing their NPC names. 3. The screenshots must be compiled into one photo as posted below. 4. The format for submission must be: Forum Name: In-game Name: Photo: 5. All submitted entries are deemed final. Spamming and re-submitting your work will disqualify your entry. 6. There will be one winner and two placers. The first to submit the correct entry will be considered winner and the placers as follows. 7. The event will officially start after being posted in the forums. It will end as soon as the winners are completed. 8. The official event guide will be on the lowermost part of this topic. REWARDS: WINNER - 7x Event Coins 3x Elite Siege Supply Box 1st Place - 5x Event Coins 3x Elite Siege Supply Box 2nd Place - 3x Event Coins 3x Elite Siege Supply Box OFFICIAL TRAVELER'S GUIDE: 1. A blonde haired man who was once affiliated with a hellion. In a town they call the Capitol of Midgard he lives. 2. At some part of the windy and dusty town, there lived someone who believes there is a cursed dagger stronger than steel forged out of a monster tooth. 3. A brave knight who lives in the city of magic yet. A fan of swords if you may say. 4. He was named after a jewel stone. He converts one into another one. 5. A home to a merchant guild, a fisherman who used to be a captain of a fleet, if you give him some money he would take you to a huge tower. 6. Somewhere in the satellite of the capitol, was a man who talks about binoculars and telescopes. 7. A girl lost in the town of the alchemists, looking for kafra main office to get her magnifiers to appraise her weapons. 8. A person made of snow stuck in the same spot all day. 9. A beach in the far south region of Midgard, a person lives who needs persons who can complete his missions for a friend named Ledrion. 10. In a floating city high in the clouds, he would tell you about an Egyptian King who believed to be a God named Pharaoh. 11. Known as the canyon village, a man of great intelligence, mystery and wealth gives off a party relay quest for a group of 6 or more. 12. In the capital of Arunafelz, give him some feathers and dyestuff and he will grant you a beautiful hat. 13. An old lady travelling to a city of steel but of polluted air and smog to buy things she can't buy back home. 14. In a town where teleport and fly-wing are prohibited, there a man wishes that his son could join the Rekenber Corporation.
  5. Hi, Dragon Vest and Manteau are renewal items.
  6. Try checking your ro opensetup or all other setups there. It should be using a graphic device. Also, if you are using w10. Add successro to exceptions in your antivirus. And last always check properties > check/run compatibility
  7. I'm sorry to say but your download is corrupted, try downloading with with your av off.
  8. Hmm. Cash shop items (if that is what you're pointing out) will stay as close to official I believe. No custom items will be made and stuff ( except costumes which do not have effects). Mostly those vip things will include (boosted exp, drop rates, dungeon warps and basic item that can also be obtainable via hunt). of course there will be items that are not huntable just like in official servers.
  9. Were you able to login? if not also please check your ro setup if its using a graphic driver. Or check compatibility and run it as that.
  10. Try check compatibility mode and run it as that. If this does not work, it is possible your grf's are corrupted.
  11. There should be a graphic device being used (as default there is). Kindly check it in opensetup in your ro folder. There should be no other reason since you have completed the patch and passed the gepard and no other error messages appeared.
  12. Try these: 1. Please copy the data.grf and rdata.grf into your SuccessRO lite client then run patcher as administator. Seems like some dll's are overwritten with your previous RO. 2. Check your setup if you are using graphic drivers.
  13. Welcome to Success RO! I hope to see you in-game as well. Have fun !
  14. Can you please post a screenshot? And more specific detail. It can be about your connection too. Or kindly relog if it is a cell bug.
  15. No problem, happy to help. Have fun in game.