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  1. Hi, Dragon Vest and Manteau are renewal items.
  2. Try checking your ro opensetup or all other setups there. It should be using a graphic device. Also, if you are using w10. Add successro to exceptions in your antivirus. And last always check properties > check/run compatibility
  3. I'm sorry to say but your download is corrupted, try downloading with with your av off.
  4. Hmm. Cash shop items (if that is what you're pointing out) will stay as close to official I believe. No custom items will be made and stuff ( except costumes which do not have effects). Mostly those vip things will include (boosted exp, drop rates, dungeon warps and basic item that can also be obtainable via hunt). of course there will be items that are not huntable just like in official servers.
  5. Were you able to login? if not also please check your ro setup if its using a graphic driver. Or check compatibility and run it as that.
  6. Try check compatibility mode and run it as that. If this does not work, it is possible your grf's are corrupted.
  7. There should be a graphic device being used (as default there is). Kindly check it in opensetup in your ro folder. There should be no other reason since you have completed the patch and passed the gepard and no other error messages appeared.
  8. Try these: 1. Please copy the data.grf and rdata.grf into your SuccessRO lite client then run patcher as administator. Seems like some dll's are overwritten with your previous RO. 2. Check your setup if you are using graphic drivers.
  9. Welcome to Success RO! I hope to see you in-game as well. Have fun !
  10. Can you please post a screenshot? And more specific detail. It can be about your connection too. Or kindly relog if it is a cell bug.
  11. No problem, happy to help. Have fun in game.
  12. Can you please check your ro settings, if you are using a graphic driver etc.
  13. Hello, can you please give me a detail explanation? Did you use the patcher? Run it as admin? If you are getting error messages, please send me a screenshot. Thank you.
  14. Can please send a screenshot of the error and your RO folder. Thank you.
  15. I believe it will be like on official servers only limited to Tierra and Flavius BG.