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  1. I am sorry that I have to leave so suddenly. My schedule's been keeping me incredibly busy, so much so that I'm afraid I might not be able to moderate the server as much as I had hoped. My job requires me to move to North Carolina, which is also the reason why I am moving there as well, but I am unsure just how busy I'll be. I'll be working in a studio, instead of my home, so I don't think I'll be online as much as I had hoped.


    If I happen to have more time in the future I would love to help out, even if it's as a normal player. I am sorry I have to burden you with my sudden retirement.

  2. I am sorry my friends, but I must retire from the server. My schedule has been keeping me busy and I am afraid that I may not have the time to keep moderation of the server. There are more things that I have to keep in mind, but it seems that I may not be able to actively participate in my duties as much as I'd like.


  3. Hey guys, King of Emperium will now be held everyday at 7:30 Server Time.
  4. Hello Everyone! We'd like to announce that Battlegrounds have now been implemented and enabled into SuccessRO You can join a Battlegrounds by using the command "@joinbg". We have also implemented and enabled the Hourly Points Rewards system into SuccessRO as well! How does this work? A player will receive 3 points per hour, if the player is actively online (being AFK, Chatting, Vending or in the Chat Channels would not net you a point.) There is a Hourly Points Shop in Prontera where these points can be used for items and costumes. The Hourly Points Shop, as with all of the other shops, will be updated in time, so keep an eye out for those! If a player goes 'inactive' for more than 5 minutes, the Hourly timer will reset, and the player must relogin in order to restart the timer. Thank you for enjoying SuccessRO!
  5. New forum thread on our upcoming PVP Event: 


  6. Welcome to SuccessRO's first PVP Tournament! We will update this page as needed, so check back often! Welcome everyone, to SuccessRO's very first PVP tournament! Please bear in mind that because this is our first one, things may not be entirely smooth, but we'll iron out the details once we have things sorted out with our players. Our plan was to have a PVP Tournament this upcoming Saturday but that seemed too short of a time-frame, so instead I've decided to announce a 'final' date once we have gotten all of our players. Here's how things will work. There will be 16 teams of three players per team. The teams of 3 will also face against another team of three. This is a single-elimination bracket, so the team that loses will be eliminated from the tournament. The winners move on to face the other winners from their respective matches. This cycle will continue until there is ultimately one winning team. The level requirement will be Base Level 99, Trans-Class. We have not decided on any rewards for players, but will do so immediately after preparation of our bracket. Players who are interested in participating will have to designate a "leader". That leader must gather their team and give their team a name, which will be used to identify that team in our bracket. The leader must also make sure that their teammates are online the day of the tournament - as we've said before, we don't have a specific date in mind currently, so don't stress too much about that. You're probably also curious as to what is or is not allowed. Because there is currently discussion on that - specifically with BG items - we will discuss with the players which items should or should not be banned for this tournament. We understand that balance is absolutely important, and want these matches to be fair. Here is the current bracket we will be using for this tournament: If you are interested in our tournament, please sign up! You can sign up by making a reply here; here's a format you can use: Team Name: Leader: Member: Member: We will randomly decide which team will face off against what team the best way we know how: Using a Random Wheel! :D If you have any questions, you can post here as well, but please be considerate of players and their entries, so keep questions to a minimum if possible. I understand there are quite a few questions that will need to be answered and we will do our best to answer them.
  7. So I've been working on a PVP Event so that people who are geared up can test their skill and strategy against other players. Currently, I've been wanting to make a Tournament, consisting of various teams (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and so on) and trying to create multiple brackets for each team. I will create a new thread specifically for this event, and we'll see how things work out once I am able to iron out some of the more complicated details. I've also been discussing with the other staff about a possible new Game Mode. Personally, I have no idea if this would be implemented, but it's something I'd like to explore. We understand that some of you are getting bored, with nothing to do, and you want WoE or BG to launch soon. We are aware and are getting ready for those launches as well. Our first BG should launch this coming Sunday. Before that, we'll have our PVP event which again, I will make a new thread discussing the details on. We appreciate you being patient with us, and can't wait for Saturday!
  8. ASIAN player have a problem with lag, please fix it or find some solution asap. so the server can officially ready for going international. 

  9. You do not need our permission to create a Guild. You can create a guild anytime you like.
  10. This is unfortunately the only workaround we have so far for Indonesian players. However, we are looking into ways to make the gameplay experience better for Indonesian players in the future.
  11. Welcome to SuccessRO, there's quite a lot of Snipers, so you'll fit right in. 8D
  12. Welcome back 8D I was mainly a Creator, farming for yggs and Acid Demo pots; I love the utility of Creator, but I also had a Bow Stalker which was nice when you know how to use Close Confine well.
  13. I think most of us are in agreement that one of each Trans-Job to reach 99/70 will be how we will determine the winners.
  14. I don't think I understand... You want just one person from each job to be eligible?
  15. Hi,i want to ask about beta tester reward...

    Is it already give or not?