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  1. Hmmm I wonder whats intro reward?

  2. aku coba yah om. makasih ^^
  3. Kalau ini kenapa kakk...
  4. Om hadessss minta link buat download buat main di pc boleh? di hp parah controlnya susah
  5. Om hadessss :'( ini kenapaaaa
  6. Cie kakak imba see u in game ^^ hahaha. Mohon bimbingannya udah lama gak main ini kabarin yo kalau ada kabar baru
  7. Yang Indo Boleh tah saling tanya jawab disini? @.@ Atau mau bahas tips atau apalah gitu ^^ Hehehe Makasih >/////<
  8. hahaha pake token listrik dari point susu SGM kak >////////<
  9. kak sacrivarzz boleh pake voucher hadiah cheetos >.< hahahah #peace
  10. Well my name is Citra i play it around 2004 or 2005 since elementary school lol. Actually my mostly used IGN is Schavior and Schatchy. >_< My favorite class is thief/rogue/assasin if they have rogue skill to copy the others latest skill that used to kill mine i think i will chose rogue. ^^ but.. I also like acolyte/monk/priest n magican/wizard/sage also knight class. So basically i love them all hahaha Ma best memories play this game with my cousin and... Make some noise when i successfully make my damascus to +10 lol. Even its only damascus... But u will know the feeling when u got it later. Hahahaha ^^
  11. Hi hi hi im newwww... ^^ lookin forward for this game yeyyyy... Lets play together ^^

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    2. schavior


      I already try it rokon ^^ n i love it.. But theres still some bugs. And I still love it..... Cant wait 8th January >/////<

    3. NULL


      I can't wait either 8D

      And yeah, those bugs are pesky, but we'll get rid of them soon ;D

    4. schavior


      Btw can i play it on pc? Also cant wait for the ro browser