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  1. We do not provide any npc for the quest item yet. You can make it through processing to our Success Staffs by having all the requirements. We have to confirm that the player is 150/70 for doing the quest or it wont be accepted. We will try to make NPC for this quest soon.
  2. I am almost online every night. Will give you right away your prize or PM me here on forum for your costume headgear sprite and aura color so that I can just send it to you via mailbox ingame. :-)
  3. Yes. Only 1 Quest item can be done per cap account. This is to prevent the massive production of the quest said.
  4. THE MASTER RACE Part 2 Mechanics of the event will be the same as what our GM @Fhors held. First DIFFERENT 3RD JOB CLASSES players to reach 150/70 will receive this exclusive reward! To clarify things, You must be strictly a 3RD JOB Class only Only the FIRST player per CLASS is counted You must have a Base Level of 150 You must have a Job Level of 70 You must post a screenshot of yourself on this topic **It must show your status bar with 150/70** The first master racer winners that will reply to this topic shall be considered the winners. Note: No post reservation. This post shall be unlocked on the day and time the server launches. Any EDIT on the post shall be called of as NULL and VOID. Editing your post might have mean you posted earlier and just added the image soon after. If you screwed your first post, you can post again immediately after your screwed post. But your second post will be the one we will count. Prizes will be: 1x Costume Headgear of Choice(Any but must be found in our server database) 1x Permanent Vicious Mind Aura 4x Bloody Branch Item ID# 12103 7x HE Bubble Gum Item ID# 12412 1x Bubble Gum 10 Box #12902 And for all (even not race winner) that will reach 150/70 3rd job Class will be able to do this quest ONCE per class with base level of 150 and job level 70: Megingjard [0] [Accessory] A reproduction of the girdle of might that Thor wore to enhance his prodigious strength.STR + 40, MDEF + 7If user has 120 base STR, Increases damage on Boss monsters by 10%. Requirements: 20x Gold 10x Sapphire 1x Belt [1] 13x Ring [1] 7x Ring [0] 5x Mantis Card 70,000,000 zeny Brisingamen [0] [Accessory] An imitation of the necklace worn by the beautiful goddess Freya.Str +6, Agi +6, Int +6, Vit +6Luk +10MDEF + 5 Requirements: 20x Gold 10x Sapphire 1x Belt [1] 3x Ring [1] 2x Ring [0] 3x Brooch [1] 2x Brooch [0] 3x Earring [1] 2x Earring [0] 2x Zerom Card 2x Mantis Card 70,000,000 zeny Sleipnir [0] [Footgear] Named after Odin's trusty steed, these shoes also mimic Sleipnir's powers. Increase Movement Speed. Maximum HP and SP + 20% SP Recovery + 15%, MDEF + 10 Impossible to refine this item. 1x Green Ferus Card 1x Matyr Card 1x Verit Card 1x Gold Acidus Card 1x Sohee Card 20x Gold 80,000,000 zeny List of people who claimed the race event reward: Xayah - Wanderer 150/70
  5. @Okenuth Hello Hans! :-) I am sure you and your friends will enjoy in Success RO! Can't wait you guys in game! See you!
  6. HELLO EVERYONE!!!! We have finally added the Temple Guardian NPC Dungeon! On first few rounds of the instance, the mob loots are disabled for some abuse protection purposes as some players might just take round 1 repeatedly to farm their deserved stuff. Dont worry, the team will still get prize if the team can finish the astral dungeon event! Therefore, there will an additional reward if you happen to finish the dungeon and help the Stars! Here is the additional rewards you can get (each party member) (must provide screenshot upon entering and finished killing Wounded Morroc on final stage. Prize list: 5 x Event Coin (leader & party member) 2 x HE Bubble Gum (leader & party member) 2 x Enriched Elunium (leader & party member) 2 x Enriched Oridecon (leader & party member) 3 x Bloody Branch (Party Leader only) Have fun and good luck! :-)
  7. Hi. The event has already been ended and we are planning for a new set of events regarding WoE Rewards and such. Regards, Success Team THREAD CLOSED
  8. Kudos to the one who made this. Well done! Thank You for sharing this wonderful guide! :-)
  9. Good day! Yes.. English in forums at all times is a must! As we are from all over the world! :-) And yes! Android bug is now fixed! Just need to get the new apk!
  10. you can take a look at this and look for pre-renewal mechanics of refining!! there it includes the success rate of both Normal Oridecon / Elunium and Enriched one!!! Good day! :-)
  11. Hello Fhors! Finally I will have a partner to conduct interesting and fun event aside from SuccessAdmin, see you soon ingame! :-) :-)
  12. Let's wait for @SuccessAdmin for final decision :-) Stay tuned!
  13. Hello @Wiz Kid ! We are currently discussing about this thread. Thank you for telling us your concern!
  14. Hi, our server is lively as before. You can try check your connection isp, firewall, antivirus or add-on on your browser that prevents you from running. Also, maybe clearing cache/cookies may help. I hope that will fix your problem :-)