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  1. Nice to meet u... hope for u to enjoy the server gL :b
  2. http://forum.ratemyserver.net/general-discussion/whitesmith's-weapon-refine-or-suhnbi's-enriched-oridecon/ wat bout this discussion.... :b
  3. I got one!!
  4. Name of the GM : GM Taker Eventfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: Fun events.. specially the disguise and find ms taker.. Helpfulness(1-10) : 10 Reason: When I ask him questions he always responds Friendliness(1-10) : 10 Reason: very nice gm .. Availability(1-10) : 9 Reason: He not always on... but I know he needs rest too and his personal life Suggestion(s) for the GM: Keep up the good work! and mooooreeee events!!! Your IGN: Izumi Other Comments: Hello...