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  1. coba pakai VyprVpn. saya juga pakai itu kok, gratis 500mb
  2. help

    hmm.. try right click on setup.exe and click "compatibilty troubleshoot". then use try recommended settings. it shall work :-) and dont forget run as administrator your patcher. good luck
  3. @schavior coba kamu pakai 7zip untuk extract file nya. winrar mu udah versi lama itu Link : 7zip | Tinggal download + install + klik kanan 7zip->extract file Goodluck
  4. wah. ini file nya corrupt gan. solusinya ya download ulang
  5. @agikasari Bisa. Lihat disini untuk lengkap nya : link
  6. haha iya mungkin nanti akan saya usahakan untuk bantu yang dari Indonesia See you in-game!
  7. Halo Ichi! Welcome to SuccessRO! Saya juga dari Indonesia senang bertemu anda Bahasa Inggrisnya keren! Keep it up haha jangan lupa join discord disini See you in-game!
  8. Saya GM in-game juga gan Asal mana nih? haha Good Luck!
  9. yaaaa.. go ahead. post a pic. everyone want to know you haha
  10. noo. no one admit you look good wearing them. you just built your self confidence yourself lol
  11. bank transfer gabisa internasional hahaha boleh. tp cuma dapet apple ya wkwkwk
  12. Hello Joa! Welcome to SuccessRO! And yes.. a new server always bring a fresh experience haha Contact me if you need anything See you in-game!
  13. No.. Actually. @Fhors is retarded haha
  14. haha why? is it your work location? Thankyou Seddie nice to meet you! See you in-game!
  15. This rank only for forum. The one that appear below your name