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  1. Hello Luna! Nice to meet you and welcome to the server. Let's have a good time playing RO together!
  2. Hello, jupeto! Welcome to SuccessRO! Nifleheim, huh! Been so long Let's have fun together in the server!
  3. Hey, Reina!! Welcome to SuccessRO and let's have fun together! You should rock your violin in the discord channel sometime
  4. HELLO JOA! Welcome and indeed, let's make Success a nice community for everyone!
  5. AHHHH MAN I'm going to miss the grand opening!! I'm so bummed I have a competition at the time and would be home probably 3hrs after the opening this is just so s a d ...
  6. A very unique topic. This is an intriguing talk, and I think I'm going to post my thoughts later as I have no time now. For now, I'll just reserve this spot, hehe Thank you for the knowledge, Sydney!
  7. Alright, thanks for the clarification!
  8. Hello and welcome to the server! It's fresh to see someone new here, everyone says they're already playing for years, haha! Mage is quite a tricky job, I agree, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it since a lot of people would help Just hit me up if you need some kind of assistance, alright?
  9. Hello! If I may ask about the guild package, it says that an IP check will be done for it. What if two guild members play with the same IP (e.g. family or in gamehouses) - do they count as their own persons or as one? Thank you!
  10. This is a super fun thread Also @Fhors does debates! Incidentally, I am a debater, too. My position's usually second or third speaker (since we usually debate in asian parliamentary system), what about you?
  11. Hi, Seddie! Nice to meet you. Your choice of classes are very similar to mine... I think our likes and hobbies are similar too, so I'm sure we could hit it up just fine! Can't wait to meet you in-game ?
  12. YES server hasn't launched yet and I got a teacher already. Hehe~ can't wait to meet you in game
  13. It does sound like so, but it's fun to read eitherway! Also, what a coincidence! I also like to write. In what genres do you usually write? Like your comfort zone of some sort? Also dang, I'm planning for a priest too... Oh well, maybe we could... heal up some undeads in Payon Dungeon for starters.
  14. Hey and welcome! Psst, I'm also trying to get as many friends as possible and drag them to the dark side((( Ahem. Anyways, nice to meet you and you seem chill! I really like the way you talk. Let's hunt together in-game soon! ?
  15. Whoah, you've been playing since so long ago...! Welcome to the server and let's have fun! Also please teach me your ways, God(((