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  2. @Josecute Please use english on main forums as much as possible. For your concern, you may post it in the technical section of the forums. But for the sake of courtesy, let me mention @SuccessAdmin to maybe check on your concern.
  3. Hello golteb! Welcome to Success! It's nice to see someone who's gaming life was pioneered by RO. Feel free to ask the staff or anyone if you need help or anything. Your success family is always here and ready to help A lot of friendly people here bro(if not, all). Hope you enjoy your stay and see you in-game
  4. Inspired from a post by @Seddie HERE *To all the haters out there, I did ask her permission.* Since pretty much I have nothing to say, I'll copy paste the intro on this post. But I'll be changing the questions a little bit(the heck I'll be copying them all). This interview is open to all players (basically anyone who can read and write). First of all, good mornin'/day/afternoon or night depending on which ever place you're loafing off I'll be asking you all a couple of questions (and by couple I really mean a lot) since it's the right place to be doing so. Some will be generic others may be juicy, so if you're not feeling too comfortable you're free to skip them. 1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speaking of course) 2. Can you tell us a little about you're favorite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? 4. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listening to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort of music rather than other? 5. The most important question of them all. What's you're favorite type of alcohol, and if you don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is you're favorite beverage? 6. If you could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? 7. Do you happen to have a pet? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? 8. What are you're favorite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count Now for the juicy Questions 9. For the sake of gossip, are you single? If yes, who would you wanna be with? (SuccessRO players if you want). If no, would you mind posting your couple picture? 10. That's a tough one, have you ever broken the law!? 11. What kind of student were you in school? Were you the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. 12. Have you ever been so drunk/wasted that you've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it you've done? 13. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharing? If not... Boooooring. In any case you can always pass on that one. 14. Who's the player you believe would be looking the best wearing a bathing suit? Yup, you read right. 15. Which GM is your favorite? I don't know is this is legal. Skip this if you please. 16. What do you enjoy most about SuccessRO? 17. From all the server you've played, is SuccessRO the best? Be honest, though you won't get a reward for this. 18. Something you want to say to someone from SuccessRO, GM's count, anything deep or light. As long as its not to demeaning of that person. And no, don't tag him or her mention his or her name. I'll jail you haha Thank you all for your precious time. Sorry for the long post!
  5. Nice to meet you bro! I'm back now, trying to be up on my feet again. And PS, I'd be the one looking good on a bathing suit!
  6. Topic closed and moved. Posts are going no where. @bloodymassacre, since no rules are broken. You can PM me or report if you want this thread cleaned and re-opened.
  7. hello,

    thanks for the message. I'd like to claim my reward.

    also, something is wrong with my forum account. cant seem to pm anyone and cant view some threads.

    please help? thanks


    1. cl0udxje0


      forum error fixed by success admin. thanks!

  8. hi fhors! i can't pm you so i decided to leave a message here in your profile feed;), my IGN is John Wick. Thanks.:)

  9. hei, can u give us free vpn program? coz the one u gave only give 500mb... or maybe u can give us some ways to reduce the lagging.

  10. I can't PM or post any messase in forum. I got this message " You are only allowed to send 0 message per day. Please try again later." Hope you guys can help me.

  11. I've rolled out the first batch on rewards for those who have introduced themselves (Click here) The following have been given their rewards: FORUM NAME IN-GAME NAME Onepunchman Saitama caminov23 drkramer ichikun2 CUKONG ichikun IchiKun 1823maztahboy Ms Lina ichikun1 PriestMastery aces15 Disney mackie Mackie Burzsky arthur hyun22 cherovim Athena Athena healer32 Rainer Shibakuzo The Worst One johnrossgarcia PowerOverWhelming jenadz17 jenadz17 envy Envy Wrath Wrath masachika masachika niwre TaksyaPo randitea Kangsuna Rhapsodyt Wijen NO SCOPE NEEDED AN ENEMY IS LEGENDARY doomregret TAGAPASLANG rurounikeitaro John albo0411 DeXtroyer I based the In-Game Names from your introductory posts and PMs. You can claim your rewards from the Item Rewards NPC just right on Pronterta fountain (prontera 185 198)
  12. @Seddie Hello, please PM(here in forums) me your in-game name to claim your introduction event reward. Thanks
  13. @enluna Hello, please PM(here in forums) me your in-game name to claim your introduction event reward. Thanks
  14. @Starcro55 Hello, please PM(here in forums) me your in-game name to claim your introduction event reward. Thanks