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  1. That'd make it fair for everyone otherwise it'd be the first 5 snipers that make it to 99/70. If it can be instead the first of each job to make it to 99/70 it'd be for the best.
  2. denle ban al nickobot :V
  3. oh thx, i guess its time for some good old fashioned pantie and undershirt slotted
  4. Hello, I was checking the @mi draco but it says it doesnt drop either of the items, normally the draco would drop either the vest or both so i was wondering if it will be implemented later? Thx!
  5. Hello, I was wondering if we could get more of the basic info about the BattleGrounds. Will there be BG equipments? Which BG will be available to play? Will there be Glorious equipment/weapons? Thx a lot!