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  1. My usual connection speed would be at 8Mbps download and 2-3Mbps upload with a ping of 32ms. I hope that's enough. I'll start playing again then
  2. I don't think this is the right place to sell stuff? @GM Taker
  3. Number of fingers when a girl slaps you hard
  4. This was one of my first posts here. I remember the good days back then. I stopped playing due to some personal matters. And now I'm back and I wanna play again. But I'm not sure if there is still this lag issue for SEA players. Hello GM Taker, nice to meet you
  5. Hi everyone~ Last time I played which was around the time when the server started, SEA players had a hard time playing due to heavy lag which I believe is caused by our distance from the host. I wanted to ask if this is still the case? Thanks for your answers
  6. Rules are simple enough. Just ea. post the next number. It would be fun to give a witty comment or use a reference to the number. Like instead of 2 you can say square-root of 4 or Michael Jordan's bulls jersey number for 23. 0 - the false for programmers
  7. For it is one of the underdogs and not so famous creature of Greek mythology. We all know the famous Medusa. The gorgon whose gaze can turn anyone into stone. But in-fact there are 3 gorgons. Two of which are immortal. Yes, Medusa is not one of them that's she got killed in one of the Percy Jackson series. So straight to the point, my favorite is Euryale. She is one of Medusa's sister and the second eldest of the three. Not much is told about her nor mentioned in books. But I believe she is one more feared by humans and demihumans alike. She too have her own unique ability. Scream of Death. Not as pleasing to hear I guess? Specially when you're the one being screamed at
  8. Hi onepunchman! Hope to see you in-game though I haven't been able to play myself because of some work but nice meeting you I'm an otaku myself
  9. Yeah we should start some more juicy topics to you the staff better! Also some for ourselves to have a little fun looking at each other's trolling face haha
  10. I didn't even know this existed hahahhaha lol I only knew Port Malaya had references to the PH though
  11. on the clouds above my head....
  12. Hello I'm planning to make an MvP Timer and share it to the community if it's okay and if anyone's interested. So I'm guessing only third party program that don't interfere with the gameplay and give players an unfair advantage is banned? The timer I'm planning would be a simple "alarm clock" that is pre-loaded with MvP boss respawn time. Everything will be done manually so no hooks called on the server client. It's like after you kill Ifrit, you select ifrit on the timer and hit dead and it starts timing the respawn based on RMS database and then notifies the user when the time is up. SO is this okay?
  13. OMG SuccessAdmin is married how many kids do you have? And why not birds that can't fly? haha I thought Fhors was a really deep guy, well from the way he replies to other post its like he's always so formal but now I see he's also lighthearted and a VERY fun guy Goodluck of your MODELING career Rokon hahaha I forgot to ask though if you're a boy or a girl? Sorry if this is stupid I just can't figure it out. Also +1 on Cat's reason #2 on Azure -> GARFIELD ? and #13 would need more expounding haha just kidding
  14. Hi enluna! Nice to meet another PH player Goodluck on becoming a cosplayer! I want to become one myself but I don't think I can hihi I'm a big fan of anime and cosplayers though and maybe I'll become one of your supporters
  15. Hi GM Fhors! Nice to meet you I like you, you know like your attitude and dedication I almost always see you online everyday and posting and replying to people. I think SuccessRO staff is really doing its best to make SuccessRO successful!