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  1. Given this game is based in Norse mythology and there is such a genre as Viking metal this song is too fitting. (Look Fhors it's the world snake thingy!)
  2. Damn solid poem. Your command of the English language is very polished. Have to admit I'm a little jealous. Welcome to the server and keep up the great work. Seriously.
  3. ...Dunno if I'll start that topic. Not very pretty to look at. That aside you guys are a varied bunch lol. Azure in particular seems the most carefree. Hades has got to be the roaster...I mean c'mon. lmao
  4. Yup this sums it up pretty thoroughly. I would also like to make more friends here; server launch is fast approaching hope to meet you in-game.
  5. Hmm that has me stumped. There are quite a few other Asgardians with the foresight to know that. I can't stop crossing the actual mythology and the Marvel comics though so my knowledge might be compromised lmao.
  6. So we can all do helium whippets...
  7. Oh thank you Seddie, glad to hear you think so lol. I try not to come off as too serious and it's nice to have confirmation; my effort seems to be working. Hopefully I see you at launch, the pupas will never know what hit'em!...mostly 'cause they don't have eyes and stuff.
  8. That's a good one I haven't heard the whole purpose of it before. I guess they're enemies because Thor is a protector of mankind and so forth Midgard?
  9. Similar to my other topic on mythological creatures/characters but this will pertain to all works of fiction in one collective. Think of this as an expansion of my first idea. Give me the rundown of a character from a work of fiction (anime, comics, movies, books/novels, video games, etc.) All I ask is you provide a character analysis and your thoughts on the character itself and why you may identify or connect with the character. My example and personal favourite is the original Wolverine: Weapon X, Logan, and formally known as James Howlett. His first appearance was part of the Incredible Hulk series of comics. I believe the hulk ripped him in half and tossed his legs into the wilderness. Although he may have lost the fight this helped to place Wolverine as one of Marvel's most formidable heroes as few can even stand in a fight against the hulk let alone survive or even injure him. Wolverine was born a mutant at some point during the late 1800's. His mutation developed in the form of: an accelerated Healing factor, animal keen senses (heightened sense of smell) and the growth of bone claws that emerge from the spacing between his knuckles. He is very short standing at 5'3" but weighing a whopping 300 pounds due to the adamantium bonded to his bone structure. This also enhances his strength to super human levels although due to the sheer weight of his bones swimming is difficult (he sinks like a rock.) Due to his animalistic nature Wolverine is prone to fits of savagery and reckless abandon; slipping into a state of berserker's rage. He has credited this to his survival on multiple occasions. Wolverine is currently a bit more than 200 years old. Due to his healing factor his aging process is slowed. Wolverine has had his memory wiped on multiple occasions and has even had false memories implanted. Wolverine is a loner as he feels he is too dangerous to be around most people. Probably doesn't mind it either...bit of an a-hole although he seems to have a softer romantic side. Socially awkward to a lesser degree in the sense that he doesn't really take others into consideration of his plans/actions. He tries to do the right thing but is often forced into committing a necessary evil to resolve a conflict. Okay I will say it does not have to be this detailed. I just look a little too deep into these sorts of things as they interest me and it's fun to know this stuff for hypothetical/trivial questions. I hope this example is sufficient enough to help you know what information to aim for. I look forward to reading and answering your replies.
  10. Hmm would be about 11 PM for me. Oh well not like I sleep much anyway lol
  11. Mage might be a bit tricky without a better understanding of the game but the community here is pretty helpful; welcome and good luck.
  12. Lol Admin is already about halfway
  13. lol thanks and I look forward to it. I bet the first few hours are gonna be crazy
  14. I usually just write poetry but analytical writing such as research documents is preferred as it solely lies in observation and is easy to work with right away. Doing business letters and things of the like are a huge pain for me as I have a hard time not personalizing information and speaking objectively. I feel like writing a novel or short story but I'm unsure of my capacity for it. I could make a priest later. Probably make a hunter in that case to farm gear.
  15. Yeah? I find the way I talk a bit pretentious. I like to write so it's easy for me to dress up language or jumble around sentences to sound better. I plan on making a priest first so yeah we can definitely hunt together lol.