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[Play on Android] - Mobile Phone~Tablet

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Download our Android APK!


What is AndRO?


- AndRO (Android Ragnarok Online) is essentially an app for the Android that allows players to play Ragnarok Online on their smartphones or on tablets. You can essentially take SuccessRO anywhere you go!


How is AndRO different than the ROBrowser?
- The differences between AndRO and the ROBrowser are few but offer two entirely different methods in which you can play SuccessRO. AndRO, for example, allows players to play SuccessRO on their Android smartphone or their tablet. They don't necessarily require an internet browser; they literally just need a smartphone or tablet with Android, and internet (in order to login, of course!)

ROBrowser, while doesn't offer the same freedom as AndRO, allows players the convenience and lightweight application of Ragnarok Online; similarly to AndRO, but is more tied to computers since the ROBrowser simply requires an internet browser and not Android.


What's so good about AndRO? Why should I play it? I need reasons!
- AndRO's defining feature that appeals to an audience of its own is its portability. Technology in itself has come quite a long way in terms of development, so much so that we're able to successfully emulate and play Ragnarok Online, a fairly old game but still exceptionally popular, on our Android smartphones or tablets. Smartphones and Tablets are similar to computers, so it's no surprise that we'd be able to achieve this kind of technical feat since we see these kinds of things quite often; think seeing GBA or SNES emulators on Androids; the idea is the same  here.


As with all things, AndRO is no exception. There are advantages and disadvantages to using AndRO over ROBrowser or the PC client, and this list may serve to help players understand why they should use AndRO, if they find they cannot utilize their other options. Advantages, such as:


Portability. It's entirely portable. AndRO uses an .APK file (which is the standard Android "exe" file) so you can launch it as an app on your phone, regardless of where you are, but ideally it'd be best if you were in an area with internet around.

Simplicity. Because of its portability, AndRO allows players to do things they wouldn't have to go to their computers to do; menial tasks that simply require checking up on. For example, let's say you were a Whitesmith and you set up shop in Prontera. Instead of going to your PC, you could use AndRO to check up on your inventory, and restock as needed. This encourages players to bit a little bit more proactive in their merchant endeavors. 

Communication. It's lightweight enough to serve as a sort-of "chat room" being able to talk to other players online which not performing a whole lot of effort in order to do so. It's great for checking messages, as well as checking to see if you've received mail.


The disadvantages for AndRO are - just like the ROBrowser - few but not especially obnoxious. They exist but they do because of the development of AndRO not being entirely finalized. Some of these disadvantages include:


Bugs and General Issues. The bugs and issues that come about on AndRO may be exclusive to AndRO. Emulation is never really perfect, but fortunately it works well enough to satisfy.

Hardware. The way AndRO runs on the Android is entirely dependant on the device you play on. Much like computers, smartphones and tablets run on all kinds of hardware, but because of how old Ragnarok itself is, you shouldn't have much of an issue running the game.


NOTE: AndRO is under constant development and there are updates to it from time to time. With that being said, there are several game features that you cannot completely use with it. This platform is a work in progress, and the bugs/glitches at hand are not something that we can fix on our end. We hope that in the future, we'll reach a certain level of AndRO that almost perfectly replicates the experience you're able to receive through the PC client-side client of Ragnarok. Thank you for trying out AndRO! 


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