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Play SuccessRO through the browser with ROBrowser!


What is the ROBrowser?
- The ROBrowser is a browser-based Ragnarok Online client. It allows players to play Ragnarok Online using a simple internet browser like Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox, or even Internet Explorer!


How do we get started with ROBrowser?
The only requirement that you must have in order to play the ROBrowser is that you keep your internet browser updated. You don't typically have to worry about that, since the browser tends to do that on its own. You only need to access ROBrowser on your own, whenever you want and you're set!


What we like about ROBrowser?
The key aspect of what makes ROBrowser so exceptional is its accessibility; the fact that you can login and play Ragnarok Online through a browser from any computer you like. This makes things easy!

Back then, back in the good ol' days, getting a server up was a bit of a daunting task; you'd essentially needed to download Sakray and some other things from RMS and it just felt so clunky and claustrophobic. Nowadays, servers usually provide everything you need to start the game; you'd essentially just extract and play!

Now, with the ROBrowser, the process is a little bit more streamlined, requiring you to simply login and play! Of course, it isn't perfect, but it works well enough to be considered satisfactory, and as with all things, the ROBrowser is striving to improve upon itself, so you'll see improvements in the future!


There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing the ROBrowser, as opposed to simply downloading the client and playing. Hopefully this list will help you understand what ROBrowser is all about, and help you decide how you want to play Ragnarok Online. The advantages to using the ROBrowser are simple but still offer a firm understanding of what it is, and when best to use it as opposed to the standard downloaded client.


Accessibility. Because there's no downloading required, ROBrowser becomes flexible in that you can access it from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet browser capable of running it.

Storage. ROBrowser is easy on your HDD space because there's no client to download, making it a lightweight application - Incidentally, my favorite word just so happens to be "lightweight"!

Hardware. Although the specs required to play Ragnarok Online are rather old - and at this point even a TI-83 Calculator can run the game - the ROBrowser essentially 'streams' the game to you, much like the way Minecraft does with its browser. This means that as long as you're capable of running an internet browser well, the game will run well on your computer as well. This opens up a larger audience who may not have the most optimized computer for gaming.


As with all things, there are, of course, disadvantages to using the ROBrowser as well. Fear not, however, as the disadvantages can easily be waved and disregarded. The disadvantages are merely minor nuisances that won't affect your gameplay experience all that much, Disadvantages, such as:


Limitation. The ROBrowser is limited in what it can do, in regards of game features. This is most likely due to limitations in its emulation at the time of its development. It's not to say that the client will be incapable of those features, but instead are not currently available, and may work in the future. There is hope!

Bugs and General Issues. The ROBrowser may have bugs or general issues that are exclusive to the ROBrowser. These are also things that may be dealt with in the future.

Speed. The ROBrowser heavily relies on the speeds of your ISP. The loading times, for example, may be longer or shorter than the PC client due to the internet speeds. Also keep in mind that Ragnarok Online is not reading files that are downloaded off of the PC, so loading times of those things may be longer across the board.


NOTE: The ROBrowser is an ongoing project and there may be some game features that cannot be fully utilized with it. Please keep in mind that this platform is still unstable and incomplete, and the present bugs/glitches are not something that we can fix on our end. We hope that in the future we may be able to achieve a fully-functioning Ragnarok Online client through a simple web browser. Thank you! 


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