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We are looking for members to help out in SuccessRO!

Are you an avid fan of Ragnarok? Are you interested in helping out? Look no further!


Our team is rather small at the moment, so we are looking for members of SuccessRO to help us in our endeavors to maintain the integrity of SuccessRO. We want players to know that we are here to help them when they need it, and that they always have someone they can contact, should they require assistance. Sometimes it can get pretty hectic, but with the right team, we can make sure that our workload is easily mitigated, and so we'll have time to hang out with you guys!


Here are the current positions that we are looking for:


Forum/Wiki Moderator (2 available positions)

  • Excellent writing skills. It doesn't necessarily have to be perfect (we're all not perfect) but decent enough to where you can convey messages well enough.
  • If you are confident enough with your writing skill, please feel free to do so!
  • If there's anything you can provide us that showcases your ability to write well, absolutely do so. It helps us (and you) understand how good you are.
  • Professionalism is must. You don't necessarily have to act like a robot, just keep in mind that you're representing SuccessRO. So be yourself, but be someone that people can look up to!


Game Master: {2 positions}

  • Excellent testing skills. Testing things could be, for example, using an NPC, and seeing if they act like they should, with no bugs (giving rewards, warping to the proper map, etc...)
  • Good knowledge about how things work in Ragnarok. If you're on this server, chances are you've played Ragnarok for quite a while, so you won't have to worry too much about this.


Facebook Moderator: {2 positions}

  • Reply to posts.
  • Good at English/other native languages. Chances are the majority of the players speak English anyway, but in the off-chance there is a foreign question, we'll be able to answer it.
  • Decent knowledge about Ragnarok. Again, this comes with experience and time in Ragnarok Online in general, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.


There are some basic requirements that we have for any applicants. They're not terribly demanding, but they help us understand how capable our applicants are.

  • English is our main language in SuccessRO. Therefore, applicants must be proficient in English, both reading and writing skills.
  • Proficient Knowledge about Ragnarok Mechanics.
  • Fill in the Application correctly and neatly. This helps us when sifting through applications, to see which ones look clear and concise, and helps us filter out possible candidates.
  • No one line answers. This is another rule-of-thumb that applicants should follow. It's best to provide as much detail as you can because one-line answers, to us, implies that you don't care too much about the question or the application itself. Obviously that's not the case, but to make your application look nice and potent, ideally you may want to have at least a paragraph for your questions.


Please note that we do not give High-Level GM Commands to the GMs, so if you're anticipating that, then this recruitment may not be for you.


If you'd like to apply, then please make a forum account, download the application form and send the application to SuccessAdmin via PM.



Staff Application.txt

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