Level Race Event (MasterRace)

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Mechanics of the event is simple:

First 10 players to reach 99/70 will receive an award.

To clarify things,

  • You must be a Trans Job either 2-1 or 2-2
  • Only the FIRST player per CLASS is counted
  • You must have a Base Level of 99
  • You must have a Job Level of 70
  • You must post a screenshot of yourself on this topic **It must show your status bar with 99/70**

The first ten replies to this topic shall be considered the winners.


  • No post reservation. This post shall be unlocked on the day and time the server launches.
  • Any EDIT on the post shall be called of as NULL and VOID. Editing your post might have mean you posted earlier and just added the image soon after.
  • If you screwed your first post, you can post again immediately after your screwed post. But your second post will be the one we will count.
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Ign: AvriI (Avrii , capitalized i in the end to look like Avril) Level: 99/70 Job: Sniper (Trans Job) 


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