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Currently we have 2 options for donations PayPal and Western union

Donation rate is
1.5USD = 10 CashPoints.
7 USD = 50 CashPoints.
13 USD = 100 CashPoints.
26 USD = 200 CashPoints.
65 USD = 500 CashPoints.
120 USD = 1000 CashPoints
220 USD = 2000 CashPoints

1] Paypal

Click on the Paypal and select your package by clicking on "buy".
if you have already logged in you will be directed to page click "Buy Now".
you will be redirected to paypal account login.
enter your id and pass and click on pay.

log-in in your game account and click on donation redeem npc.


2] Western Union
a] a identity proof with you, 18+.
b] ask them for "send money form".

fill in the form

Name :- Yugandhar pandit
Address:- Pune, maharashtra, India.
phone :- 96657744444

once done.
take photo of the Receipt and send us at
with IGN and Account name you wish to claim your Cash Points.
also send me pm on forum.
i will transfer cashpoints to your account.


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