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Account Registration

This page is designed to help new players create an in-game account and a forum account, if they ever have an issue finding just where to go.

Website and In-Game Registration

  • From the main webpage, click on "Register Now!" on the left-most side of the main info section.

Account Registration 1.png

  • You'll see a form that you can fill out for your account. Enter the details as you'd like. This form does not create an account for the forums, and keep in mind that choosing your gender will select the appropriate gender in-game. However, you can swap your gender in-game later, if you wish to do so.

Account Registration 2.png

  • After you've created your account, you can then login through the main webpage at anytime. You can also set a "Remember" so the website keeps you logged in.

Account Registration 3.png

Forum Registration

  • From the Forum page, you can click "Sign Up!" on the top right of the page.

Account Registration 4.png

  • You can fill out the form the same way as you did on the webpage. This forum is only for the forum.

Account Registration 5.png

  • After that, you're done! You can access your personal profile from the top right of the main page after you've logged in to personalize your profile.