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  • Below are all of the current Automated Events in SuccessRO.
  • We will be adding more Events in the future.
  • Rotating Events occur every 15 days.
  • Event Tokens are the most common reward, which are required for purchasing various rare items in SuccessRO.

Poring Punch

Poring Punch.jpg

What is Poring Punch Event?

Location: Prontera 167, 217

  • The Poring Punch NPC is an event that anyone and everyone is free to participate in.
  • The goal is to punch the correct monsters, and avoid the incorrect monsters.
  • Each monster has corresponding points.
  • You must score as much points as you can within 5 minutes; the player with the highest amount of points win.

2x Event Tokens

Dice Event

Dice event.gif

What is Dice Event?

Location: Prontera 156,182

  • To join the Event, as soon the Event starts, the NPC will announce that the Dice Event has started.
  • You will have to go to Prontera 156, 182. There, you will see a dark portal.
  • Click "Enter the Portal".
  • Once you enter the portal, the NPC will guide you about the event.

Event Dialogue

  • "We are about to start the Dice event."
  • "Rules are simple:"
  • "I'm going to pick a number, 1 to 4. Then I'll do a countdown from 5 to 0"
  • "All you have to do is go to box of the number you want"
  • "Example, If I get the number 4, All players standing on number 1 to 3 loses."
  • "We'll do it again and again until we have 1 player left on this map."
  • "Before I forget, you must GO INSIDE THE BOX! because if you're caught standing outside the box you'll be automatically disqualified!"
  • "That's it.. Now let's get it on!"

Stay inside the Box or you will be disqualified from the event and warped back to Prontera.

1x Event Token.

Disguise Event

Disguise Event.jpg

What is Disguise Event?

Location: Prontera 157, 198

  • Disguise NPC is located at center of prontera at the Fountain.
  • NPC will announce as Disguise Event has Started !!
  • NPC is disguise himself as any random Monster
  • You have to Type its name Correctly.
  • One who types the correct name before others is winner.
  • There will be 5 rounds.
  • Each round will be rewarded.

1x Event Token.

Invasion Event

Chumi Girl.jpg

Who is Chumi Girl?

Location: Prontera 145, 220

  • Chumi Girl wants to get rid of Mushroom.
  • She will ask you to kill Mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms will spawn in any Random City.
  • Number of Mushroom are spawned randomly, usually between 1 to 4.
  • Once you have killed all the Mushrooms, come back to her and talk.
  • She will reward you.

1x Event Token.



What is Cluckers?

Location: Prontera 156, 225

  • Click the chicken and try retrieve the item at a low chance.
  • If you fail he will nuke, freeze, stone, stun, or make you fall asleep.
  • Keep on Clicking the Chick and you you/someone wins.
  • If you pass you will be rewarded.

1x Event Token.