Getting Started

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Getting Started

Getting started novice.jpg

  • Talk to the NPC, "Shion". She will offer you any information regarding the Basic Interfaces, and will also tell you where to go next.


  • After you've spoken to Shion, speak to "Freebies".


  • After speaking to Freebies, she will offer you a "care package" which contains an assortment of items for starting out.
Freebies "Care Package"
Light Blue Potion 10 Each
Light White Potion 50 Each
Light Red Potion 300 Each
Fly Wing 15 Each
"SUCCESS" Headgear 1 Each
"successro" Headgear 1 Each
  • Note that you can only accept Freebies' Care Package once per account.

  • Talk to the NPC "Receptionist" and tell him your name. You must type out your Character Name exactly as it's shown. Then, "Apply For Training".


  • He will warp you to another room. In this room, you can speak to various NPCs to learn more about the basics of the game. When you're finished, you can head right to another, more colorful room for more information, or left to continue.
  • In the room on the left, you can speak to the NPC "Helper" to continue to the Training Ground


  • At this point, you can either choose to "Enter Training ground", or if you're familiar with the game, or just want to exit the field, use the command "@go 0" to enter Prontera.
  • Now you can start your adventure!