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Mastery Dungeon

Master ryok.jpg

What is the Mastery Instance?

NPC Name: Master Ryok
NPC Location: Prontera (140, 198)

Party Based Instance

  • You can choose between four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hardcore, or Nightmare.
  • After you join the Instance, you will be warped to the instance map.
  • Waves of monsters will begin to spawn.
  • The types of monsters that spawn are entirely random.
  • The goal is to defeat all of the monsters that spawn per wave. Once the last monster of a wave is defeated, a new wave will begin, spawning new monsters.
  • There are a total of 10 Waves in each instance, regardless of the difficulty chosen.
  • After you defeat all of the monsters and complete all of the waves, you will be warped back to Prontera.
  • All of the players in the instance will be rewarded for completion of the instance.
  • The rewards players receive vary depending on the difficulty chosen prior to the start of the instance.

Mastery Instance Rewards
Easy Mode 1 Bronze Coin
Normal Mode 1 Silver Coin
Hardcore Mode 1 Gold Coin
Nightmare Mode 1 Platinum Coin

  • These rewards are useful for buying Headgears in the "Quest Shop."
  • Monster Drops are disabled on this instance. You only need to focus on defeating the monsters.

Rules of Mastery Instance

  • You cannot have more than one class in the instance at a time. For example, you cannot have two High Priests, or two Stalkers.
  • Everyone obtains an instance cooldown, so if a party of people play, and they disband and a player joins a different party, that player will still have a cooldown from their previous party, so either the new player leave the party, or the new party must wait.
  • The cooldown time is 2 hours 55 minutes.

The chart below demonstrates the time you have in each difficulty mode, in order to beat all of the waves.

Mastery Instance Time
Easy Mode 30 Minutes
Normal Mode 45 Minutes
Hardcore Mode 60 Minutes
Nightmare Mode 90 Minutes

  • You must defeat the monsters in time in order to successfully complete the instance.
  • Each difficulty has 10 waves.
  • You cannot invite same job class players once you are in the Instance, this goes back to having only one job class at a time.
  • You cannot join the event with more than 5 members, or else the Instance will end and you wont be rewarded for it.
  • Before you join, you should plan and form a party and then apply for the event. Having a great strategy and synergy with your party members will ensure that your team consists of a strong composition.
  • Only Party Leaders can setup and begin the Instance.

Fiery Fairy Forest

Fiery fairy.jpg

What is Fiery Fairy Forest?

NPC Name: Prontera Castle Guard
NPC Location: Prontera (138, 196)

Fiery Fairy Forest

So what exactly is the Fiery Fairy Forest?

There's been rumors by the Assassins Guild that the Fiery Fairy Demon King, Ifrit, and his minions are going to try and invade the Fairies home in the Southern Fields of Prontera, and eventually getting to the kingdom of Prontera itself. It's up to you to take out the fires, save the Fairies and their Forest, as well as Prontera.

Can you Handle the Heat?

Other information

  • There are a total of 7 Rounds.
  • There are 17 Fires each round, with the last round having 34 Fires.
  • Monster drops are disabled in this Instance. This allows you to focus on the objective.


Below are the rewards you can receive from completing the Instance.

Fiery Fairy Forest Rewards
Completion Event Token 1 each
Silver Coin 1 each
Gold Coin 1 each