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The King of Emperium (KoE) is a guild-versus-guild event with mechanics similar to the War of Emperium. In SuccessRO, this event occurs Randomly each day.

  • To access the map, you must go to Prontera and clicking on the flag that will warp you into the KoE room (139,172).


The flag that warps you into the KoE map.


The King of Emperium Hill is similar to the War of Emperium. The main goal is to break an Emperium (located at the center of the KoE map) and to defend the Emperium from being broken by other guilds. The map is Player-Versus-Player-Enabled and the same skills disabled in the War of Emperium are also disabled in the King of Emperium. Once a player breaks the Emperium, every player that is not in the guild that broke the Emperium is instantly warped out of the map and sent back to his or her save point. The guild that has the Emperium at the end is declared the winner.

Differences From the War of Emperium

Although the King of Emperium can be thought of as a "Miniature War of Emperium", there are a few very distinct differences.

  • The King of Emperium consists of only one map with the Emperium at the very center
  • The King of Emperium Flag allows you to warp inside the koe map with random co-ordinates.
  • Instead of lasting one hour (or two hours like the War of Emperium), the King of Emperium only lasts 45 minutes.
  • Unlike the War of Emperium, the Emperium is reset at the end of every KoE match, meaning that the guild who wins the KoE will not have any advantage during the next KoE.


The King of Emperium occurs Randomly day on SuccessRO:

  • KoE will open after 15days of server launch.


  • 1 Event Token for every participated player.
  • Treasure room access for KoE winner.