Market Place

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The Market Place

The marketplace is where players can go to Buy, Sell or even Auction items they no longer wish to hold, or if they're looking for a specific item.

Buying and Selling items

Players can buy or sell items from NPCs, or buy from Vending Stalls. NPCs may not accept or sell everything, so your other option are Vending Stalls. Vending Stalls are hosted by players, so they all have different items. Look around for the item that you want and - if possible - bargain with the player.


Auctions are places where players can 'bid' for a specific item, raising the price of the item higher and higher with each bid. After a period of time, a winner is chosen, and then winner must pay the price of the item that was bid when the time ran out.

Players can use the In-game vending items to find specific items.