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Success Ragnarok Online

Server Information

   Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
   Mechanics: Pre-renewal
   Base Exp : 8x
   Job Exp : 8x
   Item/Equips Rates: 5x
   Normal Card:0.30%
   MVP Card: 1x
   Max Level: 99/70
   Max Stats: 99
   Max ASPD: 190
   Insta-cast: 150 Dex
   Guild Capacity: 36

Intense WoE

Server Hardware

   Dedicated Server
   Intel E5-1650v2
   6 Cores / 12 Threads
   3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz
   128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz
   Anti-DDOS Protection

Client Side

   Gepard Shield
   Absolutely no botting.
   Anti delay

Server Features

   Pre-renewal mechanics
   Stylist: 81 Hairstyles, 126 Hair Colours, 699 Cloth Colours
   Account Security Features
   Custom Instances & Quests
   Rental Equips System

SuccessRO Custom NPCs

   Job Change
   Stats & Skill Reset
   Universal items at all tool dealers
   Town Warpers warp to Prontera for free
   Dungeons and Fields are restricted to level 1 only and requires zeny in order to access.
   Special PvP Warper/Rankings

Custom Commands

@commands Description
@ Player Commands:[Hercules Original + Customs]

lgp: Lite Graphics Support circle: on/off, square: on/off,shake: on/off, aoes: on/off
@rates display server current rates.
@security To prevent any transaction from your account.
@me <text> Make your character speak without displaying the : between your character name and your text.
@autotrade/@at Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.
@arealoot Enable you to loot 3x3 on the ground at the same time.
@changegm Changes the leader of your current guild.
@whobuy [Item ID/Part of Item Name] A command to search buying stores.
@whogm To check the availability of GMs in-game.
@settings Turn ON/OFF the following command settings: Area Loot, Show Zeny, Show Experience, PvP Announce, Join Aeva, Join Recruit and Join Trade.
@removemount/@removecostume To remove mount and costumes. [Useful for roBrowser and APK Users]
@uptime Displays how long the server has been online.
@navigation To help players find the Custom NPC's in Prontera.
@channel Displays all channel commands.
@time Shows current server time.
@channel join <#channel name> Joins the channel you specified.
@showpartybuff Displays party buffs.
@showexp Displays/hides experience gained.
@whereis Allows you to display a list of spawn maps for a desired monster.
@jtws Jumps to who sell the item. example @jtws Apple
@iteminfo Diplays information of item
@showzeny Displays/hides zeny gained.
@help Displays list of commands and usage messages.
@mapmark To find a specific coordinate on a map and it will mark the spot on the minimap.
@mobinfo {Mob ID/Part of Monster Name} Show Monster infomation (mob ID, rates, stats, drops, etc).
@noask Auto-rejects all trades and invites.
@noks Prevents people from attacking a monster which you are actively attacking or have just attacked.
@resetchar You can reset your other character position using this command.
@noattack Disable you from attacking anyone.
@channel leave <#channel name> Leaves the channel you specified.
@channeljoin Toggles automatic joining of the default channels (#trade, #support, #lfp) on or off.
@commands Displays a list of available player commands.
@go <town id or town name> Lists the warp destinations. You can specify your destination by typing the town name or town ID (e.g. @go 22 or @go hugel).
@hominfo Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
@homstats Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.
@homtalk <text> Freak out your friends by making your Homunculus talk.
@jailtime Shows your remaining jail duration.
@noask Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.
@noks Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KSer's name.
@nopickup Disables picking up item from the floor.
@party <partyname> Creates a party, similar to /organize.
@pettalk <text> Freak out your friends by making your Pet talk.
@quotes Toggles the level up quotes on and off.
@showbuff Displays party member buffs as symbols in the party window.
@showexp Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage), requires Guild Chat Display to be on.
@showdelay Displays the Cast Delay or Cooldown of the skill you're trying to cast, if it is on Delay or Cooldown. Requires Skill Failure Display to be on.
@refresh 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag.
@time Displays the current server time.
@whosell/@ws <item name or id> refines and cards can be specified with the search. (e.g. @whosell +7 Elven Bow or @ws 15048 4141)